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The geography learning app with a gorgeous large world map and a fast user interface. Explore the whole world with seamless zooming and panning. Learn exactly those items that you want, at your speed. For iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

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    Gorgeous 200 megapixel map

    The map on which you play panquiz is over 20 000 by 10 000 pixels in size, very detailed and beautifully colored. You'll find yourself just looking at the map without even playing a quiz. The map is contained in Panquiz, no internet connection necessary.

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    Practice Mode

    Panquiz comes with an interactive atlas where you can seamlessly navigate to all regions of the world. You can decide what you need to learn. Practice whatever you currently see on the screen.

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    Panquiz supports gamecenter. Earn achievements and compete with your friends. Who is the quickest in answering all the quizzes?

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    Full Version

    The demo version of panquiz is free and comes with a reduced set of quizzes, countries and cities. The full version contains 175 countries and over 250 cities. Panquiz contains many cities more than just the capitals of the countries. The full version is available as in app purchase.

for support, write to panquiz@nalon.ch

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